Wanted: Sanity and a Rental property in Adelaide

The rental market in Adelaide is insane. Due to the hoons in my area and a rent increase from the landlord; I looking for another place to live in Adelaide.

The market must be so very tight, as the properties are terrible, rentals high, and hundreds of people.

If you know of a good house, unit, flat in the city or southern suburbs – send me an email! [typhoon.andrew@gmail.com] My girlfriend and I are great tenants, and we’d love the inside scoop.

My full rant below…

Do you think dogbox on the 3rd floor in Adelaide is reasonable?
If you like very short walks to the city, then a monastic life in a shoe box; then I have the property for you. No heating, tiny bedrooms, and no storage space. Bugger.

How about 20+ people turning up for a rental inspection?
I hope one day we find that perfect house, but with the 100 of applicants – its a tough battle even getting above the clatter of feet. Some agents would kill to get 20 people to a house auction.

If I had a lazy few hundred thousand dollars at the moment, I’d buy a place to rent out here. Heck, I’d buy two. Its seriously insane.