Misspent Youth by Peter F. Hamilton (quick review)

A book for fans of Peter’s sci-fi work, or younger readers. The style or writing is very easy to read, and the story flows well. There are no complex plots which intersect or twist, which is a real change for one of Hamilton’s books, which is why I would not rate it as highly.

In short: good, but not grand.

Hamilton is a brilliant author, who has structured this book to be accessible rather than complex.

After reading a few of his other books, which are all large scale epic stories, it is a total change of pace. You’re almost better off not thinking this is a Hamilton book, and then read it with an open mind.

But I don’t fully understand the ending. The main character states openly that even though he’s in trouble at the end, he’d do it all again the same anyway. But then goes on to expose and damage the people who helped him have that experience.

Then again perhaps that is supposed to be part of the human element, a reflection of that character’s contradictions.