MS breaks HTML email

MS has changed the functionality of HTML email in Outlook so that it no longer conforms to as much of the CSS standards as it previously did.

The link here has the article, and a huge number of comments. Here too.

Seriously I like the fact that the geeks are up in arms, but fail to recognise that the Business and normal users are the target of this change (typical community reaction = panic QQ).

As a rule (which I have no evidence for) geeks send plain text, or very simple RTF or HTML. But business workers like flashy graphics and borders.

Email management software (and there are a heap of vendors) will always need to support this, because thats what users expect from a message. A typical user does not differentiate their email from a web browser.

This presents a issue for internet software, but also an opportunity to grab the Outlook audience, and own them. What the Outlook community need is a plug-in that renders CSS styles correctly, and which can be set as the default email creation tool.

Then publish it to the whinge-net, then get the license revenue, then get purchased by MS.