Pandora’s Star by Peter E. Hamilton (quick review)

Pandora’s Star is a sci-fi novel by the established author Peter E. Hamilton.

In short: Excellent.
If you enjoy sci-fi or liked any of his other books (Reality Dysfunction, Neutronium Alchemist, Naked God to name a few), then this is worth the purchase.

The story is concluded (or so I’m told) in Judas Unchained.

The book begins humbly and opens into a full space opera style story. I grabbed the book while on holiday, and have consumed all 1200 pages very quickly.

Characterisation is very good, and the links to our own time are scattered throughout so we keep a frame of reference. A highlight for me was the reference and obvious knowledge of historic space exploration, as many of their problems are adapted to a futuristic context, and applied effectively.

This is also a book for the technology buffs, as all the super-science devices are well thought out, and their impact and application on the society are mixed within the story.

Be warned that this is definitely a book one of two, as nothing is really resolved in the first book, rather the book ends leaving a few good cliff hangers, and some excellent questions to ponder.