More notes from Tuesday’s patch

As a follow-up this link and list is some extra changes that did not make the official list.

I don’t vouch for the accuracy of this (of anything in fact), but some interesting changes.

Source forum on Blizzard’s website here :
* Not all characters received a talent reset.
* Tree of Life now has a dancing animation.
* When stealthed, there is now an indicator above the heads of mobs that can see through stealth.
* Swiftmend now only does a max of 12 seconds worth of Rejuve or 18 seconds worth of Regrowth.
* When in Aquatic Form, the view has changed to an above-the-water angle, instead of the previous below-the-water angle.

* Possible pet positioning bug. Need more information. (see Aoiran’s post on page 2)
* Flare now has a longer time before it actually appears on the ground and brings targets out of stealth.
* Steam Tonk Controllers now work properly for hunters.

* New Mage Armor icon.
* Netherwind shoulder graphics have returned to normal and have a higher particle rate than before the original change.

* Crusader Strike cooldown increased to 10 seconds, from 6 seconds.
* Vengeance talent is now 10% for 5 points, from 15%.

* Holy fire’s graphic is now back to original.
* Holy Specialization is now correctly displayed in the spell section of the character pane.

* Not all characters received a talent reset.
* Venomous Totem changed/nerfed.
* Improved Backstab switches places with Improved Slice and Dice in the Combat tree.
* Improved Sap switched places with Elusiveness in the Subtlety tree
* Improved Sap now costs 2 points for a 100% chance to return to stealth.
* Auto-Loot now works with Pickpocket
* Blinding Powder has a new icon
* When stealthed, there is now an indicator above the heads of mobs that can see through stealth.

* Natural Alignment Crystal changed/nerfed
* You can now speak to NPC’s in Ghost Wolf form.
* Rockbiter ability now adds a set amount of dps (rank 4 is +9 dps). It also no longer procs on every hit.

* Demon Armor spell cost reduced 45%
* 10% Damage Reduction on Corruption & Curse of Agony
* 50% Damage Reduction on Curse of Doom
* Curse of Doom proc (summoned Doomguard) no longer despawns the current Warlock pet
* Abyss Shard now says “Invalid Target” on use (bug)

* Epic (all?) shields have had their armor and block values increased by 15%.
* Enchantments on items have now been returned to their original green color (were white for a while).
* Thunderfury’s proc now sounds like Thunderclap.
* Steam Tonk Controllers got a new icon and now work properly for hunters.
* Kodos now have their ‘spacebar animation’ back, where they look side to side and roar.

* High Warlord’s Offhands cost reduced to 20 Marks of Honor (down from 40)
* Level 70 Rings doubled in honor cost.
* Mage HWL/GM Robe cost reduced to 30 AB Marks (down from 60).
* Tauren can now ride the Black War Raptor.
* They put the 1-minute ‘gong’ reminder back in to battleground queues.
* Unused Battleground tokens can now be used to purchase Level 61 Healing and Mana potions. 2 Marks per potion. The horde vendor is in the Hall of Heroes. Not sure about alliance.

* ‘Design: Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing’ is now BOP
* Unsmelted mineral ores (Copper, Iron, Thorium, etc) now stack up to 20, increased from 10.
* New level 1 cooking recipe “Spice Bread” available at cooking trainers
* New cooking recipe “Simple Flour” sold at cooking vendors
* Charred Wolf Meat has had it’s trivial level increased (still green at 84)
* Gold Ore has a new icon.

* ‘Elite’ quests renamed to ‘Group’ quests
* Right Clicking a target shows an animation where the targeting circle gets bigger and then shrinks.

* Riding Skill(150) cost reduced from 800g to 600g
* There is no longer a Shoot Crossbow or Shoot Bow, there is only ‘Shoot.’
* Ishar’s J-Boots are slower. The ancient cyclops laughs approvingly.
* WoW no longer works at all on laptops with Intel 915gm video chipsets