Tuesday’s patch v2.0.3 notes

The patch yesterday held some alterations, and hopefully they’ll announce a new round of bans for the nasty gold sellers who send in game mail.

Click through to read the notes. Thanks to a well prepared guild-mate for the notes via email.

This patch has changes for most classes, and it appears that Druids, Hunters and Rogues were particularly focused. Rogues and Druids get a talent refund. And we all get to check our mods again – not me though, I’ll wait till next week.

Also the macro / scripting language looks to have a few tweaks too.
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More notes from Tuesday’s patch

As a follow-up this link and list is some extra changes that did not make the official list.

I don’t vouch for the accuracy of this (of anything in fact), but some interesting changes.

Source forum on Blizzard’s website here :
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