Back in the game

Howdy all,

Another new year and all sorts of goodies to look at already.

The warcraft cookie contest and artwork contest were particularly good in December, so check them out here.

Its also not long until millions of geeks take annual leave, or quit school / relationships / work to play the Warcraft expansion. Lets hope the hype is right, and also hope that the large download chugging away in background is almost all we need.

I’m expecting a huge spike in the number of players in every server, and look forward to the “place in queue” to gently count down to zero, and a new pile of newbie players to be born. Conversly most of the existing players will try the new races, but lets just wait and see exactly how many abandon old toons for the funky new models.

(Do the blood elves make a good sound when they die?)

I also expect to be downloading my mods again, and a fair amount of instability in the first few days. Hopefully as an Aussie our play times will be off-set enough to not suffer a total meltdown.