Warcraft update – a few quick notes

A quick summary of the past few weeks in Warcraft. As a casual-hardcore player (meaning a player who does not play 40+ hours per week, but takes the experience seriously) this is a very odd time to be playing an online game.

As you read keep in the back of your mind the fact that this is a huge community, and that the community really has no idea what is coming. Many people all waiting for either the second coming, or the sky to fall in.
1) Holiday Slowdown in Attendance
The holiday season has certainly curbed my game play, and I think curbed the dedication levels of a few other gamers too. With real life celebrations to attend its hardly surprising that we couldn’t get x20 raid ready characters online.

I honestly don’t see this as an issue, as we all need a break, and the holiday season is often more about friends and family that it is about time on a keyboard. Take it from a person who lives a long way away from his circle of old friends, holidays are fun because I might be AFK for a while; hopefully wine/beer in hand.

2) Expansion downturn
These next few weeks will also see a continued lack of attendance, due to folk thinking there are better things to do given the expansion is due very shortly. I suppose this raises the question of what is there to do if you can’t raid, and don’t enjoy PvP?

Try to:
– run those level 60 quests that you didn’t do before. It’s a good way to get some quick cash and blue items to either disenchant or sell.
– farm rep, gold, items (you know there is a very expensive mount to buy)
– practice the 5 man instances, perhaps while helping another player.
– level that Alt to 35 (for 300 profession), 40 (for the mount), or 60 (for a spare)
– logout and come back refreshed in Jan 07.

3) PvP Whinge
I’m really getting a thin skin for any type of crying in WoW at the moment too. The past two weeks seems to have focused on PvP:
– Too many PvP noobs.
– Too many pre-mades.
– Rewards are not worth it.
– Rewards are unbalanced with the previous effort.
– Too much shard and fishing in BGs.
– Too much AFK play, or folk who leave early.

If you’re this type of player, please stop. STFU is exactly what needs to be said here. It’s the nature of an online game that some people will need to be pains in the arse, and some people will not suit your playing style. Live and let live. Or go watch a film.

4) My girlfriend tries WoW
In alternate news my partner now has a 15 day trail account, which I hope she enjoys. Its one of those times when as a more experienced player I have to shut up and not “help out” all the time. Learning and discovering the game is a great part of the game itself, and I’m learning a lot about how a new player approaches the interface.

As much a time of learning for me, as it is a fun experience for her.