Change of Guild: Endeavour

In huge news for me, and not even a ripple for anyone else; I’ve moved my characters from Dachaos to Endeavour (both on the Eonar server).
Dachaos was a huge raiding guild and was the first guild I joined with any real level of dedication, and one of the better guilds when it was really kicking.

A few days ago Dachaos management decided that the guild needed a fresh start, and formed a new guild called Rebirth. All the current members (I assume ?) were given an invite to join Rebirth, and I think most took it. What surprised me is that no real information was given to the members about why this was happening, or what the new terms and rules will be. And that’s a great way to continue with doing the same thing, making the same mistakes. Good luck Rebirth, hope to see you in Iron-Forge soon.

So when no real information was forthcoming I moved my characters to the guild that we formed a few months ago, which is dedicated to Australian players; called Endeavour. Endeavour is made up of a close knit group of Aussies who all know each other in some form, mainly based in Melbourne, but with members in QLD, SA, and a few other places.

Our goal is to keep the casual-hardcore nature that we like playing in, and but no waste time and energy on folk who are not playing for the same reasons, and not playing in the same time zone. If you’ve been a member of a North American guild, you’ll know that the focus is always hard to maintain if you appear at the wrong end of the run.

Endeavour is also focused on staying small and selective. Huge teams are not needed in the expansion, so initially its an guild for people we know, and we’ll add folk over time as needed. I’m really looking forward to playing with “the guys”.

Check out Endeavour’s Website, its damn nice.