The new James Bond movie

Given the hype and the “but its not real bond” rants that were in the USA media, I was secretly apprehensive about the new Bond flick. My god its a good film!

Its more the Bond I thought it should always have been. If you’re a fan then you’ve got your own impression, as you’ve already seen it. If you’ve never seen a Bond film, or not “got it” before, then this might be a film for you.

Bond is a mean mongrel in thsi version, with a good brain in his head, and a snapish sense of humour. I was impressed by the touches which hinted to the old style (ms broadchest?), and very pleased to see the direction knew when to hit the action button.

I’m suspect on some elements of the plot, but the plot hold together better than almost all the other Bond films, and certainly better than the Mission Impossible series.