Gear your Warcraft PvP Rewards now till expansion

More than once I’ve seen messages in forums about what to do now that you’re 60, till the expansion arrives.

Well if you’re a new 60, and have not started getting gear from the serious instances like MC and ZG, then get into battlegrounds. The gear rewards are great and you can solo quests while waiting for the battleground to start.

And the new changes to BG mean that you can get gear without climbing up the ranks, as the ranks have been removed.

For what I’ve read the battleground are going to be very busy, and the opportunity to get ranks will be huge. The gear is equal to T1 in most cases, with some exceptions being close to T2 (which means for my Paladin it might not be worth it, but for my Warlock its a good idea). Interesting that the exta bonus for having all the items in a set is very nice, and it only takes 6x items for the set.

The WoW Insiders have a great article here that gives more detail.

The gurus and experts that post the serious info all seem to be saying “wait and see” rather than it will be better or worse for gear compared with what is comming in Jan.

What I do know is that its an easy way to practice killing in a chaotic environment, there are no repair bills, and the queues will hopefully be very short. Also you get a reward even if your team does not win, which is great for the new players. Anyone can do this.

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