Google Answers to shutdown

The Google Q&A offering called Google Answers will close its virtual doors in about a week due to a lack of uptake.

Compared with Yahoo’s service a run of 800 answers over 4 years is certainly not going to make you a $google. And this may be a case of Yahoo grabbing the users and the market not really needing another service.

The blog entry here thanks the users, and especially the small crew of developers who made it real. Cudos to them for giving it a go, and as an add-on to searching I think this concept is good.

– How many people really use these services? (lets say not a huge proportion)
– How authorative are the answers considered in the professional communities? (lets say its casual answers, therefore no real value)

Link: the blog who told me

I’m sure Google will recover (joke), and darn sure that the developers and staff learned some great lessons and are very employable.

Another 60 in Warcarft (self indulgent post)

Sunday saw my Warlock attain level 60, which will be my 2nd character to hit the level cap, and just in time to do some good runs with the regulars before the expansion hits in Jan.

Not that it took too long mind you; whats almost 1.5 years to level?
Move along nothing to really see here.