WoW patch 5th December (maybe) and Stats website

Two new Warcraft things today:
1) Allakhazam posts: Blizzard announce Tuesday 5th December as new (proposed) patch date.
2) And the Blizzard website posts a new statistics webpage.

1) Patch Date

The next World of Warcraft content update, “Before the Storm,” will include the new PvP Honor System, as well as other new features that will prepare us for The Burning Crusade expansion. We are currently planning to release this content update next Tuesday, December 5. Please note that the patch date is still subject to change, and we will keep you informed of any changes to the plan as they happen.

Yippee and darn! And is this official? Checking the WoW website has no mention of the update yet; but lets hope its true.

The new content will add major changes for a huge range of areas i the game, and its welcome. There are a huge list of items that are officially in the patch (when-ever it arrives), and a few items that may or may not be included.

Last I heard the modification to make +Stamina more beneficial wasn’t confirmed, and as a warlock I’m keen for this. I hope that the limit on number of DoT effects is also raised.

On the other hand this patch will make many mods dead and remove some functionality in mods that I really like. Benecast, decursive, and a few others are must haves and nobody said we have to like the fact that some of these changes are taking effect.

Time will tell just how good/evil the patch is. I expect to disable all my mods and will try playing without them for a few days to make sure the replacements are nice and stable.

Source link: Allakazam’s announcement.

2) Stats Site
A new official site which allows players to see what items, quests, gear, npcs, monsters, etc.. are the post popular.

This feels like a service similar to the Auction House run by nCube Solutions, and I’d really like to know if there is a way to scan this info easily. Given that nCube are able to interrogate the servers in quasi-real time, and that the Blizzard service was 2nd to market there must be demand for this.

The Blizzard offering has the advantage of being a source for all kills, gatherings, etc as well as the auctioned items. This is powerful stuff for those players who play the Auction House, and also those folk who like to get onto top 10 lists, and server 1sts.

Source link: Blizzard Top List