EVE Expansion – Revelations (with voice support)

EVE online has announced an expansion to the game, which looks darn impressive. If you are an EVE fan you know this already, but if you are looking for a space trading / combat game, and you love grit and real drama, then check out EVE.

The expansion details are here , and they cover design of ships, interactions and personal contracts between pilots, new tech, changes to the salvaging, and all the normal stuff you’d expect like new technology, new areas, new ships, and of course some server optimisation.
But they also add support for a dedicated voice client (which is smart), and I’m impressed that they have taken this move. Most other online games don’t supply this, and 3rd party vendors (like Ventrillo and Teamspeak) are used instead. Its bold to do it, but I hope they have support for all the different type of server and clients, as thats a great way to segregate your audience if it fails.

Expansion of Content and Concept
Perhaps thats what will separate the MMO games from each other? World of Warcraft does some great stuff within a certain formula. Then there are other games like EVE and DDO who have less share, but a solid offering. And then the Pirates! type games who know they are small, and use that as an edge.

I also briefly reviewed EVE a while ago, and while these features wont help me sign up, they are great to see.

PS. I have a huge bias toward Worldof Warcraft, but if I could play a 2nd game DDO and EVE would be on the short list. Warhammer Online and Conan would also be on that list, but a Master of Orion 4, which plays like MOO2, but has all new graphics and tech would make WoW a dead game.

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