A bit of Warcraft and Internet attention

A friend of mine found this blog while digging for information about the WoW expansion. What interests me is the way that search tools will index and rank pages. I know Google has a very serious algorithm for ranking page results, and I’m always impressed with how effective the indexing is.

The results are skewed in because:
– The expansion name is the same as my website, which I think helps a lot.
– I used Warcraft in the site meta-tags, and also have a category called Warcraft.
– its been updated recently and it existed before the expansion was announced.
– my nickname is elsewhere in Warcraft forums and blogs as I try to use the same name in most places.

I doubt that anyone has linked to this page directly, and I know that only a few index sites have found this site due to the small number of hits. It has been submitted to a few sites for Blog ranking, but more for my learning on index and submission rather than looking for traffic.
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EVE Expansion – Revelations (with voice support)

EVE online has announced an expansion to the game, which looks darn impressive. If you are an EVE fan you know this already, but if you are looking for a space trading / combat game, and you love grit and real drama, then check out EVE.

The expansion details are here , and they cover design of ships, interactions and personal contracts between pilots, new tech, changes to the salvaging, and all the normal stuff you’d expect like new technology, new areas, new ships, and of course some server optimisation.
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