Neverwinter Nights 2 – Review (part 2)

Now that I’ve spend a little time in game, I can see some issues, and some great stuff.

– The appeal of NWN is still present and identical: you play a story though to the end. Its like reading a book, but with a little more clicks and a lot more effort. And its fun!

I don’t expect a very non-linear story, I expect a good story; and NWN2 has that potential. If you want plot flexibility, this is not the game for you (what game is non-linear anyway?).

– The graphics are great and huge, so you’ll need a good system. My PC does not meet the CPU required level, so its pretty choppy in large areas. I’m told that it plays fine on systems that exceed the specs. My RAM is on the minimum, so thats another reason.

Apart from that I know some folk who are not enjoying it; even a mate who is selling his CD to somebody else. All cool – its all down to personal taste.

I recommend it. Now all I need is a new PC.
Score 6/10, which might be 7/10 when I can play it properly.

Edit: The original post on NWN2 is here.