Fat Cat CEOs on Hack = Not entertaining

The radio segment called Hack on Triple J is a good drive home show. You tune in, listen to the reports, and smile at the bent view of the world. Sometimes it’s bent to my tastes, and sometimes its just interesting to see another perspective. Overall an OK listen IMHO.

But Wednesday’s segment on “Fat Cat CEOS” was a step too far, for all the wrong reasons. The interview was a typical 1-on-1 Q&A session which seemed to end badly for the reporter. The interviewee was rude and condescending CEO who made no relevant points during the interview.

I was upset until over 10 minutes later JJJ announced that the interview was a satirical act of comedy, and nothing about it was true. Ha! I’d been fooled, hook, line, and sinker. BUT the real fool is the comedian and JJJ’s Hack for not identifying the sub-segment as satire.

This totally misrepresented the role and attitude of CEOs in Australian business. Has the satire been declared I’d have likely enjoyed it. John Clarke and Max Gillies are two great Aussie comedians, and Eddie Perfect is another that I like. But the difference is that when you listen to the professionals you know that its satire. It looses none of its edge, and becomes more endearing because you can suspend you disbelief.

After the interview finished I’d decided to contact JJJ and see how to contact the CEO organisation – to vent my distaste. Now I think it’ll get a run here, and a quick email to ABC’s Media Watch so they will hopefully police their own.

A link to the show on Wednesday 15 Nov 06: Tripple J – Hack Article: Fat cat CEOs

Bad ABC – No 5c 10c for you today.