A very short review of EVE Online (sink it)

Given the fact that I play online games, and have played games in some form for many years, I was keen to try EVE; especially as they offer a 14 day free trial.

Overall: If you like building slowly, and the prospect of loosing everything, then this is your game. I can see the appeal of a game which really forces its players to consider loss and death as really bad events. But I play for fun, and thats not relaxing for me.

– 14 day free trial
– nice graphics (space looks very spacey)
– intelligent ship design
– great marketplace/auction system

– economy seems subject to corruption (I know is designed that way, but I don’t like that in a game)
– really difficult initial tutorial
– the computer looks almost like the face from System Shock.
– just too much harder to play than other games.

I was not surprised to later read that many others also find it a frustrating game, but surprised to find so many folk who are totally devoted to the game. Perhaps I have missed an essential point of value.

Also mentioned today in the press was the merger with White Wolf, which I hope will bring either new elements to EVE, or new games to the MMORPG market.

See: White Wolf Announcement