Websites on a budget

How do you go about creating a blog on a budget?

My brother asked me about setting up a portfolio site for his animation and artwork, and it lead into a huge discussion (which may have scared him a little). While trying to answer his questions I found that many of the services I have acquired or discovered over the past few years means that it is very possible to setup a good website using almost no outlay of cash.

It takes a planning, bit of geek skill, and a flair for design. I have two of those, but cannot design my way out of a paper bag (don’t ask why you’d design the inside of a paper bag).

The sub-topics that I’ll cover are:
domain setup
– web hosting
– blogs
– dynamic scripting language
– security
– backup

And this will also be a discovery project for me, as I am using this site as my test subject.

Cheers, and stay tuned for all sorts or malarky!